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Nuisance Animal Trapping and Control

Nuisance animals are wildlife who are not wanted in a given location. Whenever possible , nuisance animals are humanely trapped, and then released unharmed in a suitable area. Sometimes this isn't possible, however, such as when a trapped animal is sick or injured.

Some of the more common nuisance animals we deal with are:


Gray SquirrelThere are many species of squirrels, but the gray squirrel shown at the right is one of the more common ones. Most times, squirrels don't cause any problems. They live in trees, eat nuts, and don't bother anyone. Some people even consider them cute.

But that all changes when they decide that your house is a better home than a dray in a tree. When squirrels get into attics, they can contaminate the home with their droppings and parasites, cause a fire risk when they chew on wires, and damage siding, sheathing, and roofing by their clawing and chewing.


RaccoonRaccoons are stocky, intelligent animals who are easily recognizable by their distinctive coloration and ringed tails. Although many people think they are "cute" and harmless, they can be very dangerous when cornered and should not be approached.

Raccoons are nocturnal and are seldom seen during the day unless they are ill. Raccoons are susceptible to several zoonotic diseases, including rabies, which is another good reason to leave them alone.

Raccoons create a nuisance when they rummage through garbage pails and dumpsters or take up residence in attics or chimneys. (Chimney caps can prevent this: Click here to learn more.)


OpossumOpossums are marsupials. Females have a pouch in which very young offspring are nursed and carried. The opossum in the picture on the right is just a baby; adult possums can grow as large as 15 pounds (but five or six pounds is more common).

Despite their fierce appearance, opossums are relatively harmless and seldom cause problems. They're actually rsomewhat beneficial because part of their diet is composed of rodents and other pests. They only become a nuisance when they decide to take up residence in homes, garages, sheds, and other buildings.

In the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplitan area, for help with these are any nuisance animals, please contact us.

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