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Bed Bug Extermination and Control

BedbugFor many years, bed bugs (or "bed bugs" -- either is correct) were thought to have been eliminated from the United States. But recently, bed bugs have made a comeback. They're one of the most frequently-encountered pests in most of the country. There's even a bed bug blog.

Bed bugs are also very difficult to control. Their tiny size and stealthy habits enable them to hide in hard-to-find (and hard-to-treat) areas such as bed frames, mattresses, box springs, and other furnishings; behind baseboards and other trim; inside electrical conduit and wall and ceiling voids; and even in picture frames. They're also able to travel between rooms in a house (or units in an apartment house or condo), as well as hitchhike in luggage or on a person's clothing.

Bed Bug Control

The longer a bed bug problem is left untreated, the more difficult it will be to control; so call us at the first sign of a bed bug problem.

Even when caught early on, bed bugs are difficult to control. Even professional exterminators find bed bug control challenging. Do-it-yourself bed bug control rarely works.

Professional bed bug control requires a specially trained pest control operator and a systematic control plan including the following steps:


Preparing for a Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug control is one of those jobs that we can't do alone. We need the customer's cooperation to eliminate a bed bug problem. It's absolutely essential that customers take the following steps to help assure successful bed bug elimination:


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