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Chimney Sweep and Maintenance Services

Chimney sweep on RoofALLGone Chimney Services provides the very best chimney care in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. ALLGone Services has perfected the art of chimney cleaning and repair.

Only 37 percent of fireplaces burn to their full potential. Proper chimney cleaning can make it burn like new again. Proper chimney maintenance also prevents harmful smoke from flowing into your home. Today, there are so many chemicals used on store-bought fire wood that some harmful vapors could even pollute your home.

Make sure your fireplace burns efficiently by having your chimney cleaned today. We are your full Chimney needs service center, dedicated to providing you with prompt, quality service.

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney and cap after cleaning and repairWeather is one of the leading causes for chimneys and fireplaces to burn improperly. Weather damage reduces the ventilation of the chimney to ineffective levels. Cleaning, proper maintenance, and the right chimney cap can help restore efficiency.

Chimney damage from exposure to weather and elements can be repaired by strengthening the masonry work, replacing loose bricks, and adding a new crown. ALLGone Services has the skill and experience to restore your chimney's appearance and function.

Stages of Creosote Buildup

Stage One. Stage One creosote buildup is flaky and easy to remove. It comes right off when the chimney sweep works his or her brush through the chimney.

Stage Two. If creosote isn't removed while it's in Stage One, it can begin to harden and adhere to the inside of the chimney. It takes on a gummy, tar-like consistency that gradually hardens into a crusty coating that must be removed with powered, rotary chimney cleaning equipment.

Stage Three. If the chimney is neglected even after Stage Two creosote has formed, the fire hazard becomes critical. The creosote forms a highly-flammable glaze that can be ignited by the heat from the fireplace or stove, and fuel a chimney fire. Stage Three creosote usually cannot be removed without damaging the chimney liner. Usually the liner will have to be replaced.

Please note that a standard chimney sweeping does not include removing Stage Two or Stage Three creosote, nor repairs to the chimney if needed. These services are available at an additional charge which will be explained to you before the work is done.

Chimney Caps, Pots, and Dampers

Custom Chimney CapA custom chimney cap or pot can help prevent entry by birds and wild animals and provides added protection of your chimney's brickwork and mortar against rain, sleet, and hail. A properly functioning chimney damper is essential for your proper ventilation of noxious fumes, fire safety, and energy efficiency.

ALLGone Services stocks a wide variety of both flue caps, custom chimney caps, copper and pottery pots, and dampers for every type of chimney. Serving the Dallas-Ft Worth area for over 15 years, we provide top of the line chimney caps to prevent animals, debris, and any other foreign objects from getting inside, and from the wrath that nature's weather can cause inside of your chimney.

Please contact us for more information about chimney services, or any of our other quality services.

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