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Organic Pest Control and Lawn Care

ALLGone Service offers low-toxicity, "organic" pest control and law care services for consumers who prefer a less-toxic, more environmentally friendly methods of managing pest populations. These customers understand that "green" pest control seeks to manage pest populations to acceptable levels, rather than necessarily eliminating them.

For customers willing to make this commitment to the environment, we offer our Alternative Pest Control Program. Here's how it works.

1. Inspection

We start by thoroughly inspecting your home and property for existing pest problems as well as conditions conducive to pest infestation, such as:

2. Consultation

Once we complete our inspection, we provide the homeowner with a list of problems and our recommendations for correcting them.

3. Non-Chemical Control Methods

We can use several completely non-chemical methods of pest control, as appropriate to the situation. These may include:

The cost for these services varies widely depending upon the equipment and labor required.

4. Naturally-Derived Pest Control Products

Only when needed (and after consultation with the customer), we will apply naturally-derived products for the control of existing pest populations. These fail into three broad categories:

Some of these products are considered to pose such minimal risk that they aren't even legally considered "pesticides" and are exempt from EPA registration.

To learn more about Alternative Pest Control or any of our services, please contact us.


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