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Scorpion Control

ScorpionThere are 90 species of scorpions found in the United States, and here in Texas, we have 18 of them. Scorpions are not insects. They are members of the class Arachnida (which also includes spiders, ticks, and king crabs) and the order Scorpionata.

Scorpions have four pairs of jointed legs, large pedipalps (claws) that can be used for grasping or crushing, long tails equipped with stingers capable of delivering painful, sometimes dangerous stings, and as many as six eyes (depending on the specie).

The stings of scorpions are painful, and those of a few species (such as the sculptured scorpion) can be deadly. Some people who are sensitive to scorpion venom can suffer life-threatening reactions from the sting of any scorpions.

Scorpions live in dark, secluded places like burrows, under rocks, or in mulch or leaf litter during the day, and come out at night to hunt. They also have been found in all sorts of protected locations, including outdoor electrical boxes, rodent bait stations, old tires, inverted buckets, and inside shoes and boots. That's why any real Texan knows shakes out his boots before putting them on.

Scorpion control can be quite challenging and may involve the use of traps, exclusion, habitat modification, baits, dusts, sprays, and granule products. For help with scorpion control or any pest problem, please contact us.

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