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Termite Control

ALLGone Services offers two types of termite control, both of which are very effective if done properly.

Conventional Liquid Treatment

Diagram of liquid termite treatmentLiquid termiticide is placed around the perimeter of your home into the soil by trenching and rodding the soil adjacent to the foundation, and drilling all expansion joints in areas such as patios and porches.

Drilling is also performed inside the home around the perimeter of the slab, around cracks, and around all plumbing penetrations. This will prevent termites from tunneling up or under the slab into the structure.

Liquid termiticide is then applied to the soil and under the slab to protect those areas from termites tunneling up and around the pipes. In areas where drilling is impractical (such as in your beautiful tiled or hardwood floors), foam treatments into wall voids are performed, instead. A thorough treatment using a proven product like Termidor should last for many years.

Termite Baiting and Monitoring

Advance Termite Baiting SystemSometimes it makes sense to use termite baiting or monitoring, either as an adjunct to liquid treatment or as a primary treatment method. Some customers prefer this approach to liquid treatment.

Bait treatments for termites are most suitable for situations in which drilling is impractical, or when liquid termiticides can't be used because of water wells on the property or because of local regulations. It's also an option for people who simply don't want holes drilled on their property, or who feel more comfortable with non-liquid treatments for environmental reasons.

When using termite baiting or monitoring systems, monitoring stations are installed around the perimeter of your home and periodically inspected. If termites are found inside the stations, a treatment is performed. The treatment may be a liquid treatment or a bait treatment, depending on the individual situation and the customer's preferences.

Whichever method you prefer, contact ALLGone Services for high-quality, warranted termite control.

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